Richard A. Horan, Jr.'s Tech Support

Website store down.  Will return soon.

Richard A Horan, Jr.’s Tech Support is your place for remote computer support, whether you are having problems configuring or need help setting up your computer, or you are having problems with your computer that is resulting in error messages, or it just does not work the way you want it to work.    Prices are cheaper than those other companies $140/ $150 whatever you are paying you can get it cheaper here.  A year contract only cost $100 but if you need support only this once it costs only $15/hour and only $60 for four hours or more.  That’s right a price cap.

For Free Support create a ticket at Get Support This will open a webpage at

For Free Support, you can also email me at although remote support will still cost as per above.

For security software, I recommend products and I am a reseller.

Currently accepting payments only through PayPal. account required.

U.S. based English speaking support.

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